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Testimonials: Acupuncture

Here are just some of the wonderful healing results...

I had been on 4 kinds of medication for anxiety and depression for over 10 years. Mika helped me getting out of all medications that I was taking by her acupuncture and Chinese herbs together with Reiki and meditation practice. (Male, 40s, NY)

I had been experiencing pain in joints for years and nothing helped reduce the pain. I received acupuncture from Mika for a few times and I started feeling so much better. Now I try to combine with Yoga to improve flexibility in joints as suggested by Mika. It is working! (Female, 40s, Queens)

Chronic Bronchitis
I got bronchitis and took anti-biotics as prescribed by a MD. I took them for 3 weeks, but it never alleviated the conditions. Three weeks later, the condition got worse and I had difficulty in breathing, developing asthmatic condition. Mika gave me one acupuncture treatment and the symptom was immediately improved. It really worked! Thank you, Mika. (Female, 20s, Manhattan)

Chronic allergies
I suffered from chronic allergies including food allergy and sinus problem for years and it made me sick all the time. I tried pretty much everything to make me feel better, but nothing worked significantly. Then, I met Mika and I gave a try. After several sessions, my conditions dramatically improved and now I don’t feel sick any more from the food that used to have problem with. Now I can enjoy eating pretty much any food without getting sick. Thank you, Mika. (Male, 20s, NJ)

In two sessions, my depression has gone! My family, friends and myself noticed that I am totally different, radiating positive energy". I cannot believe this. Thank you, Mika. (Female, 20s, Brooklyn) 

I had been on meditation for over 10 years. I wanted to get out of medication, but I didn’t know how to. Mika helped me completely getting out of medication with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs in a couple of months. I am so happy that I no longer on medication and no symptom of depression! (Male, 30s, NY)

I suffered from depression over 10 years. I took medication at some point, but I was experiencing side effect from it, so stopped taking it. My depression was so severe that I have no energy, motivation or passion to live. I received acupuncture together with Chinese herbs and I started feeling more positive immediately. I continued receiving the treatment for a few months and now I would never feel the darkness again. Now I am so much happier, enjoying the life and finding the purpose in my life. I also learned meditation from Mika. I cannot express how thankful I am to Mika. (Female, 50s, Queens)

I had fibroids for years and the pain was getting worse especially at night. I received acupuncture from Mika together with Chinese herbs and followed her dietary instruction. The pain went away within a few weeks. It worked! I received only 7 sessions all together. Now I confirmed with GYN that the fibroids have gone. Thank you so much, Mika! (Female, 30s, Queens)

Gallbladder stones
I had so much pain and bloating due to the gallstones. I had an appointment for a surgery to remove the gallstones, but I decided to postpone the surgery and give a try to receive acupuncture together with Chinese herbs as suggested by Mika. As the treatment continues, I experienced many times that the stones were passing. After receiving treatment for a couple of months, I completely recovered from the symptoms and recovered strong energy as well. I started going back to school to complete my degree! Thank you, Mika! (Female, 50s, NY)

Headache – migraine
I constantly had cluster headache and/or migraine for the past 10 years and I didn’t know how to improve the conditions. I received Mika’s acupuncture for two sessions together with Chinese herbs. The pain was all gone! I could not believe it. I started practicing more exercise, especially Yoga and I really feel great! Thank you. (Male, 20s, NY)

Herniated Disc of the Neck

I was in the excruciating pain with numbness of the hand for a few months. I was desperate. Mika gave me 4 acupuncture treatments and the pain was now completely gone. I can move my neck and exercise. It really worked. Thank you, Mika. (Male, 30s, Brooklyn)

Knee pain
My knees were so painful that I tried everything, but nothing worked. I happened to find her website and decided to try her acupuncture treatment for my knee conditions. She told me that I would need 3 consecutive treatments. She was right! Within the 3 sessions, all pains were gone! I could not believe it. I started doing regular exercise again. Since then, I just come to see her for a regular check up a few times a year for maintenance. I feel great! Thank you, Mika. (C. M. Female, 60s, NJ)

Neck pain
I injured my neck due to an accident and I was diagnosed as spondylosis on my cervical vertebra. I had tremendous pain even just from sitting at the desk and doing computer work. I received Mika’s acupuncture for 7 sessions and the pain was all gone! Now I combine with Yoga and my neck is fine. I also changed my life style and my attitude and I am so much happier! (Female, 20s, CT)

Rotator Cuff pain
I had pain on the rotator cuff for the past 3 years. I tried acupuncture before. It was helping, but it required many visits and the pain was still there. Now I started receiving Mika’s acupuncture and I was so surprised. With her special acupuncture techniques, the pain reduced by 80% after the first session. Within two sessions, I no longer experienced the pain. I now really know that her treatment is so effective! (M. J., Male, 50s, NJ)

Skin rush – eczema
I suffered from excruciating itch on my legs and later all over the body for over weeks. I received Mika’s acupuncture for only one session and took Chinese herbs tea for 8 days. The symptom was completely gone by then. Thanks, Mika! (Female, 30s, NY)

Stomach discomfort – bloating
I always had stomach discomfort and bloating whenever I was a lot of under pressure at work. I received only a few acupuncture sessions together with Chinese herbs and I started feeling so much better with my stomach. I also learned how to cope with stress. I meditate and exercise more. I have improved my diet also. Thanks for your treatment and guidance. (Male, 30s, LI)

Week Immune system
I used to catch cold or sore throat one after another especially in the winter time. I started receiving acupuncture and took Chinese herbal tea. Since then, I hardly catch a cold even if other people surrounding me are getting it. I feel so much stronger. (Male, 30s, Brooklyn)


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