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Testimonials: Acupuncture

Here are just some of the wonderful healing results...

Pain all over the body
"I suffered from severe pain on all over my body and I used to take countless pain medications every day and then I was still in pain. After three acupuncture sessions with Mika, I am now completely pain free and I not longer have to take pain medications. I also began changing my diet according to her instruction and I already lost 10 pounds and I will continue to feel great." (Male, 50s)

Food Allergies
"My 5-year-old son suffered from severe food allergies from most of tree nuts and fish. He started a weekly pediatric acupuncture with Mika and within a few months, his allergy reports showed that he was no longer allergic to most of tree nuts and seafood. We are convinced that he would be able to eat everything very soon.” (boy, 5 years old)

Sinus infections
“Since my childhood, I developed severe sinus infections and I received 2 surgeries, but the infections still came back. I received 3 acupuncture sessions with Mika, together with her detox program and my sinus infection is completely healed. It also simultaneously healed my anxiety. This helped me find a new job, a new partner and my life is totally rejuvenated.” (female, 20s

Acid reflux
“In the past 3 years, I struggled with occasional acid reflux which was aggravated by stress. I was tired of taking medication forever and I decided to pursue natural therapy. Every acupuncture session with Mika reduced my pain and within 4 sessions, the pain was completely gone. I continue improving my diet and conscious about how to release stress.” (male, 30s)

I had been on 4 kinds of medication for anxiety and depression for over 10 years. Mika helped me getting out of all medications that I was taking by her acupuncture and Chinese herbs together with Reiki and meditation practice. (Male, 40s, NY)

I had been experiencing pain in joints for years and nothing helped reduce the pain. I received acupuncture from Mika for a few times and I started feeling so much better. Now I try to combine with Yoga to improve flexibility in joints as suggested by Mika. It is working! (Female, 40s, Queens)

Chronic Bronchitis
I got bronchitis and took anti-biotics as prescribed by a MD. I took them for 3 weeks, but it never alleviated the conditions. Three weeks later, the condition got worse and I had difficulty in breathing, developing asthmatic condition. Mika gave me one acupuncture treatment and the symptom was immediately improved. It really worked! Thank you, Mika. (Female, 20s, Manhattan)

Chronic allergies
I suffered from chronic allergies including food allergy and sinus problem for years and it made me sick all the time. I tried pretty much everything to make me feel better, but nothing worked significantly. Then, I met Mika and I gave a try. After several sessions, my conditions dramatically improved and now I don’t feel sick any more from the food that used to have problem with. Now I can enjoy eating pretty much any food without getting sick. Thank you, Mika. (Male, 20s, NJ)

In two sessions, my depression has gone! My family, friends and myself noticed that I am totally different, radiating positive energy". I cannot believe this. Thank you, Mika. (Female, 20s, Brooklyn) 

I had been on meditation for over 10 years. I wanted to get out of medication, but I didn’t know how to. Mika helped me completely getting out of medication with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs in a couple of months. I am so happy that I no longer on medication and no symptom of depression! (Male, 30s, NY)

I suffered from depression over 10 years. I took medication at some point, but I was experiencing side effect from it, so stopped taking it. My depression was so severe that I have no energy, motivation or passion to live. I received acupuncture together with Chinese herbs and I started feeling more positive immediately. I continued receiving the treatment for a few months and now I would never feel the darkness again. Now I am so much happier, enjoying the life and finding the purpose in my life. I also learned meditation from Mika. I cannot express how thankful I am to Mika. (Female, 50s, Queens)

I had fibroids for years and the pain was getting worse especially at night. I received acupuncture from Mika together with Chinese herbs and followed her dietary instruction. The pain went away within a few weeks. It worked! I received only 7 sessions all together. Now I confirmed with GYN that the fibroids have gone. Thank you so much, Mika! (Female, 30s, Queens)

Gallbladder stones
I had so much pain and bloating due to the gallstones. I had an appointment for a surgery to remove the gallstones, but I decided to postpone the surgery and give a try to receive acupuncture together with Chinese herbs as suggested by Mika. As the treatment continues, I experienced many times that the stones were passing. After receiving treatment for a couple of months, I completely recovered from the symptoms and recovered strong energy as well. I started going back to school to complete my degree! Thank you, Mika! (Female, 50s, NY)

Headache – migraine
I constantly had cluster headache and/or migraine for the past 10 years and I didn’t know how to improve the conditions. I received Mika’s acupuncture for two sessions together with Chinese herbs. The pain was all gone! I could not believe it. I started practicing more exercise, especially Yoga and I really feel great! Thank you. (Male, 20s, NY)

Herniated Disc of the Neck

I was in the excruciating pain with numbness of the hand for a few months. I was desperate. Mika gave me 4 acupuncture treatments and the pain was now completely gone. I can move my neck and exercise. It really worked. Thank you, Mika. (Male, 30s, Brooklyn)

Knee pain
My knees were so painful that I tried everything, but nothing worked. I happened to find her website and decided to try her acupuncture treatment for my knee conditions. She told me that I would need 3 consecutive treatments. She was right! Within the 3 sessions, all pains were gone! I could not believe it. I started doing regular exercise again. Since then, I just come to see her for a regular check up a few times a year for maintenance. I feel great! Thank you, Mika. (C. M. Female, 60s, NJ)

Neck pain
I injured my neck due to an accident and I was diagnosed as spondylosis on my cervical vertebra. I had tremendous pain even just from sitting at the desk and doing computer work. I received Mika’s acupuncture for 7 sessions and the pain was all gone! Now I combine with Yoga and my neck is fine. I also changed my life style and my attitude and I am so much happier! (Female, 20s, CT)

Rotator Cuff pain
I had pain on the rotator cuff for the past 3 years. I tried acupuncture before. It was helping, but it required many visits and the pain was still there. Now I started receiving Mika’s acupuncture and I was so surprised. With her special acupuncture techniques, the pain reduced by 80% after the first session. Within two sessions, I no longer experienced the pain. I now really know that her treatment is so effective! (M. J., Male, 50s, NJ)

Skin rush – eczema
I suffered from excruciating itch on my legs and later all over the body for over weeks. I received Mika’s acupuncture for only one session and took Chinese herbs tea for 8 days. The symptom was completely gone by then. Thanks, Mika! (Female, 30s, NY)

Stomach discomfort – bloating
I always had stomach discomfort and bloating whenever I was a lot of under pressure at work. I received only a few acupuncture sessions together with Chinese herbs and I started feeling so much better with my stomach. I also learned how to cope with stress. I meditate and exercise more. I have improved my diet also. Thanks for your treatment and guidance. (Male, 30s, LI)

Week Immune system
I used to catch cold or sore throat one after another especially in the winter time. I started receiving acupuncture and took Chinese herbal tea. Since then, I hardly catch a cold even if other people surrounding me are getting it. I feel so much stronger. (Male, 30s, Brooklyn)



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